MX-5 Cements Its Place Amongst The Stars

This year Mazda’s MX-5 roadster celebrates its fourth consecutive year as Guinness World Record’s ‘Best Selling Convertible Two-Seater Sports Car’, with over approximately one million MX-5’s sold across the globe on all continents. A feat that no other production vehicle comes close too.

The fact that more and more MX-5’s continue to come off the production line, year after year, is all thanks to the relentless passion and support it receives from enthusiasts worldwide.

Beginning in 1989, Mazda built the original MX-5 in the image of the lightweight, free-spirited sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s, to remind us all that driving could still be fun. Since then, the MX-5 has received two complete redesigns, along with numerous product updates.

But one thing remained consistent amongst all the changes, the spirit of pure Zoom-Zoom remaining firmly intact. This feeling of oneness with the car, or ‘Jinba Ittai’ which translates to ‘rider and horse as one body’ is at the core at what makes the MX-5 so unique. It’s perfect 50:50 balance, the stylish and aerodynamic Kodo design, along with the latest SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY come together to create a car that is completely faithful to every command of its driver.
The 2018 MX-5 is the latest iteration in the rich history of improvement, receiving a boost in engine power, a suite of new safety features and driver assist technology, like a rear-view camera. Put simply, it is the most complete MX-5 experience to date.

So what’s next for Mazda’s pocket rocket?
With all the effort that goes into perfecting the drive, it’s certain to remain a fan favourite, and a fifth year straight as the number one selling convertible sports car in the world has a nice ring to it too.