Mazda BT-50 Fleet

Mazda BT-50 Complete
Fleet Program

Whether you’re a sole operator, or leading a large team, with Mazda’s small and large Mazda BT-50 Complete Fleet program, your business can enjoy a range of benefits on any Brand-New Mazda BT-50.


Help when you need it

Complete Fleet customers enjoy 5-year premium roadside assistance.

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Service Calculator

Our comprehensive service calculator helps you project the price of servicing your fleet.

Service Calculator


5 Year Warranty

Every Fleet vehicle purchased is backed by a five year, unlimited kilometre warranty.

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The Fleet for Small and Large Business

Our Mazda BT-50 Complete Fleet program is tailored to suit the size of your business, which means there’s range of great benefits to enjoy no matter your size.

Small Fleet Program

If you have an ABN, you can access a variety of Small Fleet offers. Contact Rockdale Mazda for more information. 

Large Fleet Program

If you have 10 or more commercial vehicles in your fleet, you can access the Large Fleet Program. 

Your Fleet Questions Answered

  • Q What is the Mazda BT-50 Fleet program?

    The Mazda BT-50 Fleet Program meets the needs of business customers who are interested in purchasing Mazda vehicles for operation in their fleets. There are two tiers of discount available depending on the size of your fleet.

    Small Fleet – For Small business operators, ABN holders, Sole Traders and Primary Producers.

    Medium Fleet – For businesses that operation in excess of 10 - 24 light commercial vehicles in their fleet.

    Large Fleet – For larger businesses that operation in excess of 25 light commercial vehicles in their fleet.

    Government – Relevant Government departments can access fleet discounts. Please refer to your local government procurement department.

  • Q What are the benefits I am entitled to under this program?

    Fleet discounts are available based on the eligible fleet tier you fall under. Beyond just the purchase price, Mazda BT-50 for your fleet also represents value through:

    • A five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty, whichever comes first
    • 12 month/ 15,000km service intervals to minimise the amount you need to spend on your vehicle servicing. Our service calculator can help you budget for this expense.
    • 5 Years Roadside Assistance.
    • Large fleet operators, also gain access to priority stock allocation and loan evaluation vehicles.
  • Q What paperwork do I need to provide?

    For Small fleet customers all you need to provide is your current ABN to your local Mazda Dealer.

    For Medium and Large fleet customers if your business runs 10 or more commercial vehicles (of any type or brand), in addition to providing your current ABN, you’ll need to confirm the number of vehicles you run. Your local Mazda Dealer can provide the required documentation. The vehicles must be purchased in the name of the company in order to qualify for the discount.

  • Q What if I have ten subcontractors but I don’t own the cars myself?

    In order to qualify for Large Fleet, the business must own the minimum number of vehicles. Subcontractor vehicles do not qualify.

  • Q How will you check I have counted my fleet correctly?

    To check that fleet numbers are correct, a registration form confirming the ownership of the number of vehicles is required (ie Mazda BT-50 Fleet Program Registration Form).